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25 Astonishing Facts About Marijuana


When it comes to marijuana, there are some little-known facts that many people may find astonishing. Check out this list of facts about marijuana that you may not know.

  1. From 1850 to 1942 marijuana was actually found in the United States pharmacopeia. It was also listed as a useful medication for a multitude of medical symptoms and conditions such as labor pains, rheumatism, and nausea.
  2. The very first law that was established in the American colonies when America was being built regarding marijuana was in 1619. This law required that farmers grew the hemp plant.
  3. More than half of the United States of America has legal access to medical marijuana. This gives way to international law to end marijuana prohibition.
  4. Several presidents of the United States of America from George Washington to John F Kennedy and Barack Obama all consumed marijuana.
  5. Compounds found in marijuana are proven to effectively destroy cancer.
  6. The United States federal government has held the patent to medical marijuana since 1998. Knowing it is a valuable medicine they have kept it from the people.
  7. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana to the point of death. You would have to smoke “2.1 kg of marijuana all at once” in order for it to kill you. Even then it wouldn’t be the marijuana that killed you it would be the smoke and the cause of death would be carbon monoxide poisoning.
  8. Marijuana has saved the lives of countless children such as Alexis Bortell, Coltyn Turner, and others.
  9. Marijuana is referenced in the Bible where it is used in making holy anointing oil.
  10. Smoking one marijuana cigarette WILL NOT cause brain damage like being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast like former President Ronald Reagan assured America it would.
  11. Celebrity marijuana supporters range from Whoopi Goldberg and Montel Williams, to Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.
  12. Marijuana dates all the way back in recorded history to 2900 BC.
  13. Instead of marijuana being a gateway drug that leads to harder drugs marijuana is actually, in fact, helping people to kick prescription and illicit drug addictions.
  14. Marijuana takes an incredibly long time to pass through one’s system. Smoking even occasional can cause cannabis to stay detectable in your system for over 2 weeks.
  15. Marijuana prohibition is fueling the epidemic with the drug trafficking of cannabis. Prices average $1,200 on the west coast and go as high as $9,600 on the East Coast.
  16. Those found guilty of marijuana charges face harsher sentences and penalties than others such as rapists.
  17. In 2003 Canada became the first country in the world that allowed medical access to marijuana for patients with pain.
  18. Even with marijuana legalization in Colorado you can pay as much for a gram of marijuana from a dispensary as you would in illegal states such as Tennessee.
  19. Marijuana was and still is used as a medicine in many countries around the world.
  20. Pharmaceutical attempts to synthesize the cannabinoids found in cannabis have proven to be ineffective and many times have resulted in deaths.
  21. Since marijuana legalization took place in Colorado, teenage consumption rates, have dropped not risen.
  22. Private prison corporations make excessive profits off of cannabis offenders.
  23. The state of Ohio has decriminalized marijuana in the amount of 100 grams or less.
  24. Marijuana prohibition began in 1937 with the signing of the MJ Tax Act and was one that was based partially on racism.
  25. There are hundreds of people serving sentences in prison for marijuana possession despite the fact that many of these individuals would not have committed a crime if it were based on today’s laws in many places.

When it comes to marijuana and all of the astonishing facts that surround this amazing and beneficial plant the list could go on for days. If you’re curious to find out more about marijuana, just start doing research for yourself. Don’t always believe what you read, make sure it comes from a credible Source. There are many people out there that are still part of the Reefer Madness campaign and support the prohibition of marijuana.




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