6 Odd Facts about Presidential Elections


It seems like every four years Presidential Elections get more contentious and a bit stranger. While American politics have always been boisterous, it seems that they get louder and louder as more and more people vote in them. But the fact is, the Republic of the United States has a strong Democratic foundation that makes it the oldest, strongest form of government on the planet. While it is a three branch system, with an executive, legislative and judicial branch, all equally important to the functionality of American government, the President is the face of the government and the nation, so Presidential Elections tend to generate the most attention.  Let’s take a look at 7 interesting facts about Presidential Elections!

  1. Only property owners were allowed to vote: That’s right, for the first 80 years, until 1856, only adult males who owned homes or land were allowed to participate in the voting process for selecting Commanders in Chief.
  2. It’s no great surprise, but only the first President, George Washington, was elected unanimously, though there was some politicking over John Adams as his VP.
  3. There have been 4 times in U.S. history when a candidate has won the popular vote, ore received more over all votes than their opponent, and still lost the election thanks to the Electoral College system.
  4. There actually was a tie in a Presidential Election in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson ran against John Adams. This is one reason that the Electoral College was instituted.
  5. In fact, there was a Presidency won, the 6th by John Quincy Adams, even though he won neither the popular nor the Electoral College vote. There was no clear majority winner so the Congress chose a victor, where he had many friends.
  6. Ulysses S, Grant beat a dead man. It’s true, while the popular Civil War General was winning the election hands down, his opponent, Horace Greely, passed away before the vote was finished!

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