5 Interesting Facts About Florida


Florida, known as the Sunshine State for good reason, is a favorite vacation destination in the Southeast United States. The weather is generally great; there is the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of the State and the aqua blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the West and Southwest coast of the State. Florida boasts great tourist attractions like South Beach in Miami and Disney World in Orlando.  In short Florida is one of the most popular states in the United States for many reasons, great sun, great weather, great beaches and great attractions to name a few. But as it is such a populous and popular state, there are some crazy facts many people don’t know about the Sunshine State.  Here are 5 interesting facts about Florida.

  • Florida is the third most populous State in the United States, behind only Texas and California. It surpassed New York State in population.
  • It is quite fitting that winning football teams dump gallons of Gatorade on their coaches when they win big Championship games, as Gatorade is named after the Florida Gators. The refreshing drink was created and developed at the University of Florida, so it took the team mascot’s name as its own moniker.
  • Cape Canaveral and the surrounding area have an interesting area code for their phone numbers. It is (321). This is by no means accidental, it is to honor the space center, NASA and all of the rockets shot into space from the air force base there. 3….2….1…. BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!!
  • A weird case of Assault with a deadly Weapon occurred when a Florida man threw a live alligator through a drive through window at the window worker. There is nothing funny about a live alligator and all those teeth flying in your direction.
  • While Florida is known for its beach parties, there is one annual party that is downright weird. At the annual Mullet Toss in Pensacola, people gather for a huge beach party… To throw dead fish over the State line and into Alabama. Any reason to party is a good reason, as the saying goes.

image: flickr / karin-jan

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